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Industrial Hand & Physical Therapy treats patients suffering from many shoulder injuries, pains, sports injuries, sprains, strains, and those preparing for and recovering from surgery. We have a team of expert physical therapists who pride themselves on getting positive results with patients through individualized care and “hands-on” physical therapy. We have successfully rehabilitated acute and chronic injuries, ranging from work and auto accidents to overuse injuries.

Here is a list of just some of the shoulder conditions that we treat:

  • Biceps Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)
  • Pre-Surgery Therapy and Post-Operative Rehabilitation for Shoulders
  • Repetitive Strain and Overuse Injuries
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis and Tears
  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
  • Shoulder Rheumatoid Arthritis

A snapping or popping sound in your shoulder is a symptom of biceps tendonitis. Biceps tendonitis may occur when an elbow is straightened suddenly, such as during a tackle in football. Biceps tendonitis occurs when one of tendons which attach the biceps muscle to the shoulder has been partially torn, or completely ruptured. Bruising around the elbow, shoulder pain and weak elbows are symptoms of biceps tendonitis. In some cases the biceps muscle will look as if it has moved, or suddenly became larger. Our expert physical therapists can work with patients suffering from biceps tendonitis, using a combination of modalities.

Bursitis of the shoulder generally appears in patients who have injured themselves in an activity such as tennis, volleyball or football. Sports that require the overhead rotation of the shoulder may lead to shoulder impingement syndrome, the precursor to bursitis. Bursitis occurs when the Bursa has become inflamed. Bursitis has symptoms of radiating pain or pain when you move your shoulder overhead. R.I.C.E, range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises, aquatic exercises, and other forms of physical therapy may be helpful to those suffering from bursitis.

Adhesive capsulitis is commonly called frozen shoulder. This disorder involves the connective tissue around the joint of the shoulder becoming inflamed and stiff. Limited range of motion and chronic pain are symptoms of frozen should.

Frozen shoulder may persist for a period of months or years and can greatly disrupt your quality of life, by making it difficult to sleep and accomplish daily goals. Our physical therapists will work with you to construct a treatment program to help alleviate pain from frozen shoulder, and get back to your daily activities. Range of motion exercises, aquatic therapy, cold laser therapy, EPAT, and functional therapy may be incorporated into your program to treat frozen shoulder.

Our full service physical therapy and rehabilitation centers specialize in pre-surgery and post-operative treatment. Whereas physical therapy following shoulder has been recommended for years, new studies have shown that physical therapy prior to surgery may help patients to recover from surgery faster, thereby getting back into their normal routines quicker. Pre-surgery physical therapy generally involves a combination of exercise based physical therapy customized for the specific surgery, and injured area of the body. Post-operative or post-surgery physical therapy for the shoulder may involve a combination of stretching, massage, joint mobilization, postural reeducation, strengthening, nerve gliding, strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises, range of motion exercises, ultrasound, electric stimulation and more.

Overuse injuries of the shoulder usually occurs over time, as the result of repetitive, subtle trauma to the tendons, bones and joints of the shoulder. Athletes suffer from overuse injuries quite often, and as such many active patients are treated for overuse injuries by licensed physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists. Modalities that are frequently utilized to treat overuse injuries include ultrasound, deep tissue massage and electrical stimulation, aquatic therapies, R.I.C.E, and other modalities will be considered before your physical therapist constructs your customized physical therapy program.

One of the most common shoulder injuries involves inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder, and tears or ruptures of the rotator cuff. Rotator cuff inflammation and tears may require arthroscopic surgery. Symptoms of a rotator cuff tear range from mild discomfort, to severe pain. Shoulder pain, popping, and a feeling of shoulder instability or weakness are symptoms of a rotator cuff tear. We provide effective physical therapy plans to help you recover, and regain your strength following surgery. Some of the modalities of therapy we may recommend include range of motion exercises, R.I.C.E, strengthening exercises, massage, nerve gliding, and flexibility exercises.

Overuse of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knees and ankles via repetitive use can lead to impingement syndrome. It is important for patients to treat impingement syndrome quickly in order to prevent a more severe injury. Physical therapies including include, various range of motion exercises, and muscle strengthening exercises can help with impingement syndrome.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is systemic, autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of joints and joint lining. This may present itself in your shoulder resulting in chronic shoulder pain. Rheumatoid arthritis often responds well to physical therapy. Some of the modalities we may use to help reduce pain from rheumatoid arthritis may involve nerve gliding, manipulation of the nerves, stretching exercises, aquatic therapy, and strengthening exercises.

We will take into consideration your overall goals of your rheumatoid arthritis treatment program while we work with you in physical therapy. Your program will be designed only after assessing and evaluating your joint stability, strength, posture and more.

We strive for a healthy, active lifestyle for each and every one of our patients. Set up an appointment and see what IHPT is all about.

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