We won’t use a lot of confusing medical jargon here, but plain and simple, here’s what we can do for you.

Hand Therapy

Hands are small but play major roles in our day-to-day lives. When treating hand, it is best to be treated by therapists who hold the highest certification for hand therapy. These are Certified Hand Therapists (CHT). They have undergone the most rigorous hand training and testing available. We have six excellent CHT’s. You can trust them to treat & guide you through your rehabilitation. Another one of the unique services our hand therapists provide is custom hand splinting for complex and post-surgery patients.

Manual Therapy

Accomplished without devices, our manual or “hands-on” therapy is safe and effective for a variety of conditions. We employ gentle, proven techniques including massage, soft tissue mobilization and joint manipulation that all demonstrate the remarkable healing power of human touch.

Aquatic Therapy (Phoenix Location)

Our heated in-ground pool easily accommodates up to 4 patients in a safe, comfortable environment where you can move without fear. It is especially effective for chronic pain, and if traditional land therapy has failed, our aquatic therapy will free you to exercise in an entirely new way. Come on in – the water’s fine, and can help you feel better immediately.


This broad medical specialty is concerned with injury or disease to your body’s musculoskeletal system – essentially, your bones and muscles, ligaments and tendons. In addition to recovery and rehabilitation, we’re highly qualified to assess your patterns of movement, your postural alignment, and help you identify and correct any bad habits.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

For athletes or just “weekend warriors,” sports injury rehabilitation is required when problems result from trauma or overuse of hard-working muscles or joints. You may experience contusions (bruises), sprains or strains or other discomfort. Don’t let this stand in the way of your success, whether you compete on a professional or amateur level.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Inflammation, spasm and associated pain may occur following the trauma of surgery, and early intervention with physical therapy has proven very beneficial. Our experts will guide you through your recuperation period and ensure you follow post-operative instructions carefully to help you recover as quickly as possible. Incorporation of pain modalities such as massage, ice or heat keeps your discomfort – and anxiety – to a minimum.

Gait Training

Come walk with us, safely and effectively, using strength and balance training to become more stable and reassess your body “perception,” with or without canes or walkers. We know how important this is to you – and to us – and we’re with you every step of the way.


We’re seeing fantastic results! Based on the body’s own natural healing process, kineseotaping provides support and stability to joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion. This therapy is also used for preventive maintenance, edema or swelling, and pain management, for postural retraining and joint stabilization.


We strive for a healthy, active lifestyle for each and every one of our patients. Set up an appointment and see what IHPT is all about.

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